Unleash the power of family motivation with famikoban's automated planning and celebration platform.

famikoban is a digital toy coin platform to ignite family motivation, streamline goal management, and foster a culture of celebration of day-to-day efforts.
famikoban holds no monetary value and is designed solely for use within your family's activities and rewards.

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Goal-driven. Reward-inspired.

Achieve, celebrate, repeat.

Experience the power of family motivation with famikoban.

"famikoban has transformed our family's goal-setting experience. It keeps us motivated, tracks our progress, and the rewards system is such a fun and motivating way to celebrate our achievements together!"

Celebrate Family

Define your own treats, and celebrate as a family!

Motivate Children

More than recording. Earn kobans for your achievement! Use kobans for your planned celebrations!

Discover Insights

Look back your data of achievements and get insights!

Create Ecosystem

Earn kobans, use kobans, discuss next family celebrations with your family! Just continue to be in a virtuous cycle!

Turn dreams into milestones - Join famikoban today!

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