During the challenging days of the COVID pandemic, my family found ourselves facing a common struggle - keeping our son motivated and engaged in homeschooling. Countless arguments ensued, and both our son's motivation and our own energy levels hit rock bottom.

In the midst of this struggle, a spark of inspiration ignited within us. We came across some plastic coins available for purchase online, and then there was a lightbulb moment. What if we could use these coins as a daily treat for our son, as a way to reward his efforts and keep him motivated?

With newfound hope, we introduced the concept of earning and collecting these plastic coins. As our son started earning coins for completing his daily tasks, we saw a remarkable transformation. His motivation soared, and the arguments faded away. We realized the power of rewards and celebrations in motivating our child.

Driven by this success, we embarked on a journey to create something even more impactful. We envisioned a digital platform called famikoban, where families could easily manage goals, track routines, and celebrate achievements. It would be a place where parents and children could come together, supported by a digital toy coin system that would bring joy, motivation, and a sense of accomplishment to our everyday lives.

And so, with a deep desire to help families like ours, we poured our hearts and souls into developing Famikoban. Today, it stands as a testament to our journey and the power of positive reinforcement. Join us on this extraordinary adventure, where together, we can turn struggles into triumphs and create a brighter future for our families.

What is famikoban?
"famikoban" is a digital and toy version of the traditional Japanese coin called "Koban(小判)" used during the Edo period.

"famikoban" platform serves as a motivational tool for your entire family.With "famikoban," you can share your goals and aspirations with your family, fostering a supportive environment.

Automatically generate personalized plans to help you achieve your goals effortlessly. Earn "famikoban" by successfully completing daily routines, and celebrate your accomplishments by redeeming them within your family.

Let your efforts shine and inspire others along the way.     

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